A career involving canines has to be the top of most people’s lists, right? You get to spend time with furry
four-legged friends, so what more could you want? If this sounds appealing to you, perhaps it’s time you take a look at one of the courses provided by the National College of Traditional Medicine, such as the Canine Myofunctional Therapy Certificate.

This professional dog massage course teaches you more about this positive form of therapy that has been recommended by veterinarians and animal-care experts across the world as a powerful healing tool in the treatment of many conditions, including the specialised care required of postoperative procedures. In this course, students learn the application of controlled and deliberate techniques to aid in the relaxation and repair of soft tissue injuries via the circulatory and nervous system responses.

Massage prepares the body for pre- and post-athletic activity, reducing muscle fatigue and recovery times, along
with biomechanic assessments ensuring optimum musculoskeletal function. If working on the outside of a pet’s body doesn’t particularly interest you, perhaps you want to make animals healthy from the inside out with a Practising Certificate in Nutrition for Companion Pets.

The information contained in this course will assist you with your choice of meeting the special nutritional needs for dogs and cats on an individual basis. Understanding the digestive process, coupled with the knowledge that dogs and cats are not designed to eat cooked and highly processed foods, will enable nutritionists to aid in preventing many of the more common illnesses and degenerative diseases that now seem to be more and more prevalent in our furry friends.

This course blows out the myths when it comes to nutrition for companion animals. You are fully supported in all NCTM courses and industry accredited with this qualification.

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