New Tricks for old dogs

Our dogs are getting older with us, thanks to advances in veterinary care and nutrition. Older dogs need tailored support to keep them in their best health as they approach their senior years, particularly in the following areas:

Alterations in behaviour, learning and memory can be a cause of stress to pets and owners alike
Decreases in immunity have been observed in aged dogs, meaning they can be more likely to get infections.

Declining vision can aff ect your dog’s ability to navigate his environment and recognise people and other pets.
These changes can occur in senior pets due to the process of ageing, which is associated with:

● Decline of the immune system — normally tasked with protecting the body from infection.

● Oxidative stress — due to an imbalance of antioxidants and free radicals, resulting in detrimental effects on the brain
and eyes.Supplementing with antioxidants can help maintain balance, keeping the brain, eyes and immune system healthy  so you and your dog can enjoy those later years together.

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