A Dog’s Best Friend

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Hello dog lovers. As a central member of the family, your dog’s health is a top priority. Like you, your dog must receive enough
daily micro-nutrients to help stay fit, active and healthy.

SDN is based in the understanding that all dogs still belong to the species Canis lupus, though under a “subspecies” C. l. familiaris, and are therefore carnivores (animal-eaters).

The fallacy that high-protein diets are bad for dogs are based on the trend of humanizing dogs. Treating them like humans rather than what they really are has brought many problems, one of which is various problems in health.

Although studies on the canine genome has produced evidence that the domestic dog has variably developed a better capacity to digest and use starch from their diet to a small extent (hence some classifying them as omnivorous), it is still correct to think that dogs would actually thrive much better when fed what they were originally designed to feed on: animals, given the physio-anatomy of their digestive systems.

Super Dog is from the pet division of Vitabiotics, specialising in premium nutrition for all sizes and breeds of dogs.
From vitality to healthy joints and bones, Super Dog’s comprehensive formulations are scientifically formulated
by nutritional experts to give your dog the latest support available.

Providing optimum levels of advanced micro -nutrients, vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts, Super Dog is your dog’s new best friend to stay in tip-top condition.

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