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If it’s fine for us to eat, it should be fine for our pets as well, right? Unfortunately not. We spend a lot of time trying to protect
our dogs from hazards outside, but some of the most harmful things to them reside in the pantry and on the kitchen table and a lot of us may not think twice about offering them to our Pitbulls. Having an awareness and understanding of the everyday items that may cause harm to our beloved pooches is vital. While some of the foods on the list may just cause stomach issues, others could kill.

Foods to avoid:
• Onion • Garlic • Leek • Corn on the cob • Caffeine • Dairy • Grapes • Cinnamon
• Almonds and macadamia nuts • Stone fruit • White bread • Alcohol

While your Pitbull  may beg for table scraps, veterinarian Dr James Crowley says it’s best to say no. “I personally am
not a fan of table scraps for dogs. The main concern would be adverse reactions such as gastrointestinal upset and
pancreatitis,” he explains. While table scraps may seem harmless, they can be trouble for your Pitbulls.

Sure, he may enjoy that sausage or piece of hot, buttery toast now, but it could be a very different story in a couple of days when his body is working overtime trying to metabolise the fatty foods in his system. Dr James says that while some Pits are fine with random table scraps, others may not be — but it’s impossible to predict. Dr James has countless examples of Pitbulls eating things they shouldn’t. One of his most memorable cases involved a dog and some BBQ kebab skewers.

“The skewers had perforated the Pitbull’s bowel, with intestinal contents leaking out into the abdomen and causing fulminant peritonitis,” he says. “The Pitbull was collapsed, weak, lethargic and in septic shock. Fortunately, we were able to remove the skewers, repair the intestinal compromise and flush the abdomen copiously with saline. Miraculously, she survived the surgery.” Unfortunately, others haven’t been as lucky.


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