Although its name is supposedly derived from the Welsh word “Corrci”, meaning “dwarf dog”, the Corgi breed
is anything but dwarf. Small in stature, maybe, but this is a big-personality, impossible-to-ignore dog which
becomes larger than life when taken in as a member of the family.

Personality:  Welsh Corgis are family-orientated dogs which love spending time with their families. Although sturdy little pooches, they will want to live indoors with the family. They are fun-loving, intelligent and will do almost anything to please
their owners.

Suitability: Welsh Corgis are wonderful dogs that can happily fit into any household environment. They are well suited to singles, families with children and older people. The only requirement is that they live with those who enjoy spending time with their dog and who want an indoor pet that can consider himself one of the ‘pack’.

Favourite activities: Welsh Corgis enjoy having a job to do and will thrive at obedience, herding and tracking. Some experts warn that agility must be carefully considered as back injuries can occur in this breed. Of course, a good snuggle and plenty of bonding time with their owner must go down as top of the wish list for these pooches.

Backyard requirements: Welsh Corgis can live happily without a big yard as long as they are regularly stimulated and given a daily outing, either a good walk or run in an off -leash area. If left to their own devices in the yard, these pooches will become destructive and bored.

Hereditary diseases: This breed is a strong and healthy one, with few known hereditary problems.There has been the odd case of hip dysplasia and spinal disc problems (try to avoid stairs where possible) .

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